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This is Marie, 48. Marie radiates kindness and grace, as I think you’ll be able to see in her photos. She is a creative through and through, a multimedia extraordinaire who has worked as a journalist, photographer, publisher, fashion designer, and model. Prior to Bellingham, Marie was living in Lincoln City, Oregon. She ended up in Bellingham when she was on her way to Canada, and became houseless after claiming political dissidence. Marie has been in Bellingham for 3 months.

Marie has relatives throughout the country, is the eldest of 3 siblings, and has lived in 36 states. If the camp were no more, she doesn’t know where she would immediately go, but she still wants to get out of the country.

What brings Marie joy these days is her faith in God. In her words, she believes in God’s will, and that karma ends up balancing everything. Her ultimate goal is to give 90% of everything she earns back to helping others.

Marie also feels that if we’re miserable, the enemy wins. That often what others need is simply a kind word, grace, and to value their existence. That everybody is fighting a battle about which others know nothing, so we need to extend compassion and love. Marie would like to thank the community of Bellingham for helping the folks at Camp 210. She would ask that the community doesn’t judge all of the houseless individuals at camp the same, because they are each individuals. She also wants the community to know that everyone at Camp 210 appreciates the help and support of the community - some just express appreciation differently. However, grace and gratitude prevail.

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