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“I’ve been homeless for 17 years. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what kind of country allows a beautiful woman to live like this.”

This is Debbie, 47. At camp, she’s often see reading next to her tent and keeping to herself. She’s a compassionate soul who helps her fellow campers with work that needs to be done, haul around supplies, and spreads happiness.

Here’s her story: “My husband and I had three kids together. When financial hardships started, our relationship began breaking down, and we got a divorce. My husband was employed, so the kids went to live with him. When I didn’t have visitation rights for my kids, and I was homeless, it was tough. At the same time, I was going through withdrawals from drugs and alcohol, and working every day to get my life back together. I got a DUI with 5 years probation.

With the 12-step workbook, I realized how much trauma I had in my life, and realized I kept going back to substances to try to cover up the trauma. It saved my life. It’s hard to heal when others don’t acknowledge the pain you’re in, when they only see your addiction. The fact that I was addicted to drugs doesn’t make me a sin. Any sins I’ve done are between me and my god. I did play therapy with my kids. I did light therapy. It helped. I realized my purpose in this world is to help provide others happiness, which to me is unconditional love. So much of love is rooted in play, which adults forget and, in many ways, they stop growing and loving because of it.

So much of my life has been waiting on someone to give me a chance.”

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