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This is Buster B. Buster is the genuine article. In the course of our interview, we paused several times for him to help fix a bike for a member of camp, listen with intent to a friend, and he also helped mend a tent.

Originally from Oakland, California, Buster ended up in Washington after making the journey in a shiny 71 Terino station wagon. He grew up in huge warehouse shops and worked fixing bikes and cars for as long as he can remember. He has worked as a high voltage electrician, mechanic, helped build race cars and owned mechanic shops. Buster has been at Camp 210 since near the beginning, and fixes and repairs bikes of all kinds for Camp members, in addition to anyone in the community.

This is Buster’s first time living in a houseless camp, and he does anything he can on a daily basis to help others in the camp: from fixing tents to mending wounds to fixing bikes to listening and offering advice. He doesn’t involve himself with drugs, but doesn’t judge people who do. He’s grateful for Camp 210 and the people here, for the community, for the food, for the chance to help.

If you have a bike that could use a tune-up, or would like to purchase a bike (he can custom build you one!) please head down to camp and hire Buster’s services. You’ll see his tent near the library lawn.

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