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‚Äč1985 was about the time when disposable cameras hit the scene. Photography became an art form accessible to people who otherwise couldn't afford it, and that's good because I was born that year - in a very blue collar town in the Pacific Northwest - and quickly developed a desire to learn and share people's stories. I'd save my modest allowance for trips to the corner store, where the sound of the plastic winding wheel on those little Fujis fueled my passion and gave me a gadget to capture the world around me. Since then my canvas and tools have expanded and grown, but the most important aspect in my travels and photography is, and always will be, the stories. Your story. Their story. My story. Our stories.

To me, nothing is as magical as the present moment: when we are truly, genuinely, here and now. Photography gives me a way to capture that, to seize the flash of human connection (and sometimes pretty scenery and animals). I enjoy journeying off the beaten path, living and working side-by-side with some of the "forgotten" members of society - orphans, the elderly, strangers in faraway places - and doing my best, camera in hand, to simply be a medium for them to share their stories directly with you. I'm also interested in your story, wherever and whoever you are, because it deserves to be told. We're all legends in the making. One day we'll all be fables. But our stories will live forever, so let's share some.


alex bodi hallett

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